"Humanity must now produce more food in the next four decades than we have in the last 8,000 years of agriculture combined. And we must do so sustainably."

World Wildlife Foundation


"Reducing food waste is the #1 Best Way to prevent global warming of 2 °C by 2050".

Project Drawdown


Scientists predict that by the year 2050 90% of coral reefs will be gone, 50% more acreage will burn in wildfires, 20% of tropical rainforests will disappear, and 100% of Arctic ice will have melted.  


At the 2050 Company, we begin with the facts. Some of these facts are scary, others hopeful. For instance, Project Drawdown, the world's leading voice for climate solutions, has found that reducing food waste is the #1 Best way to prevent global warming by 2050. Although food waste is complex, it is also avoidable. At the 2050 Company, we invent nutritious and convenient food products that make your life easier while simultaneously eliminating waste throughout the supply chain.


The 2050 Company was founded around a radical idea: identifying "the future" as the our key stakeholder in every decision we make. Every product we release contributes to a brighter future for our customers, our community, and our planet.


In short, we make food for the future.

Food waste 101

saving surplus

Reducing food waste is the #1 best way to prevent global warming of 2 ºC by 2050. And reducing the volume of surplus food at it's source is the #1 best way to reduce food waste (EPA).

We have collaborated with fruit farmers, processors, and distributors to reimagine the produce supply chain.

eliminating expiration

The healthiest Americans are the most wasteful, precisely because of their high intake of perishable fruits and vegetables (USDA).

It is just as important to tackle waste at the end of the supply chain as the beginning. That's why we created a product that is just as tasty and nutritious as a fresh fruit smoothie, but stays good for almost 100x longer.

Perfecting Imperfect

Americans throw away about 1/5 of our fruits and veggies just because they look funny, even if they are just as nutritious and tasty as their beautiful neighbors.

What if we could make two pieces of fruit that are identical on the inside look identical on the outside? By grinding all of our produce into a fine powder, we eliminate all cosmetic flaws. As powders, a beautiful strawberry and an ugly strawberry become truly identical!