The 2050 Impact

The Most Delicious Path to a Net Zero 2050
1/2 of Produce

Project Drawdown Identifies reducing food waste as the #1 most effective way to prevent 2 ºC of warming by 2050.

Moving Fruits and Veggies
Carbon Galore

Due to its perishability and weight, moving produce accounts for 2X as many emissions as growing it.

91% of Plastic
Never Recycled

About half of global plastic production goes toward single-use products. Even "recycleable" plastic placed in the correct bin is rarely repurposed.

"Reducing Food Waste is the #1 Most Effective Way to Prevent 2ºC of Warming by 2050."

-Project Drawdown

Real Food
Waste Solutions

We Start with the Facts.

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We reduce food waste in two key ways.

(1) Whenever possible, we use upcycled ingredients that may have otherwise been wasted. This makes the supply chain more circular by ensuring produce is not wasted due to cosmetic "flaws" that have no effect on flavor or nutrition. Once it is dried and ground to a powder, a beautiful berry and an ugly berry become identical!

(2) Our drying technology locks in nearly all flavor and nutrients while extending shelf-life from days to years. Our research shows that despite recent consumer interest in utilizing "imperfect" produce, perishability is responsible for a higher percentage of overall food waste. By making real fruits and vegetables nonperishable, we make the entire supply chain more robust. This reduces waste at every point along the supply chain, from the farm to your fridge!

85% Lighter.
20,000% Longer Lasting

Lighter Food = Brighter Future

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Fresh produce is heavy, bulky, fragile, and perishable. Shipping this produce requires carbon-intensive refrigerator trucks moving fast enough to prevent the produce from spoiling.

A piece of fruit is made up of 75%-95% water. By removing this water before shipping, we eliminate up to half of the shipping emissions. You simply add this water back when you're ready to enjoy the product, reydrating the produce to its original texture, form, and flavor!

100% Plastic-Free

Together, we can.

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We spent nearly 2 years testing 10+ packaging prototypes to find a solution that maximized both sustainability and shelf-life. We found that most "recycleable" plastic is never recycled and most "compostable" materials limit shelf-life and must be processed in specialized industrial facilities.

Our unique wide-mouth aluminum cans are infinitely recycleable and provide an exceptional oxygen barrier to keep our products fresher for longer. Unlike plastic, aluminum is one of the most recycleable materials on Earth - 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today!


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